Saturday, May 30, 2009

San Diego, Sunday June 21st

On Sunday June 21st some of my artwork will be displayed at the opening night of the NEW club DOMINION

Dark aesthetics in music, literature, art, dance, performance... This is DOMINION.

Dominion provides a realm of experience where the different perspectives are valued, and can be expressed.

Dance, art, performance, conversation and all other forms of expression are possible within the walls of DOMINION; the only boundaries in DOMINION are those that you bring with you. Respect for others is the only Rule of Law.

DOMINION is for those who are 18 years of age and older, 21 and older can enjoy a full bar with an extensive selection. There are 2 dance floors & performance spaces. There are several chambers within DOMINION, a billiards lounge, made to order food is available inside the Walls of DOMINION, extensive free parking, and several vendor areas and an Artist Gallery.

Dominion takes place every third Sunday evening, beginning June 21st at The Satin Lounge, 6195 University Avenue, one block east of College.

What more can you ask for? Let's go have some fun!

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